Rules and Policies

Soos Creek Soccer
Soos Creek Soccer Rules

Rule 1- Authorities

1.1 The Rules and Policies contained herein shall govern members of SCSC in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws of this Club.

1.2 SCSC and each member team shall be responsible for the conduct of its players, coaches, and officers to ensure that their actions on or off the field do not bring disrespect upon SCSC.

Rule 2- Financial Responsibility

2.1 SCSC specifically disclaims financial responsibility for, and shall not assume to be held liable for, the debts or the financial obligations, either expressed or implied, of any team, or member of any team.

Rule 3- Registration Requirements

3.1 Mandatory Registration All players must submit each season a properly completed SCSC player registration form to the SCSC Club Registrar by the dates established by the registration committee. There will be no proration for late entry.

3.2 Proof of Age A player must provide proof of age upon initial registration with SCSC. Any player may be called upon to provide said proof of age to the SCSC registrar upon request. Proof of age (18 years) shall consist of a piece of identification containing both a picture and the date of birth of the registering player. Acceptable pieces of ID are the following: Drivers license, State Soccer Player ID Card, or an ID card issued by an appropriate government agency containing both picture and date of birth of the player. A team may request proof of age of any player through the Registrar.

Rule 4- Player Eligibility

4.1 The Registrar shall have the authority to determine the eligibility of a team and/or player based upon his/her current records. The SCSC Board has the right to refuse ANY registration.

A.     If the team and/or player wish to appeal the Registrar decision, written notice must be sent to the SCSC President. The decision may be appealed in person at the next Executive Board Meeting.
B.     The team and/or player remain ineligible for league play until he/she meets the registration requirements or the decision on appeal is reversed.

4.2 A player shall be registered by submitting the following information to the Registrar prior to league play.
A.     Completed player registration form.
B.     Copy of legal proof of age.

Players must be 18 years old before joining the league.

4.3 Any team found guilty of knowingly using an ineligible player(s) (under the age, judicial suspension, or not properly registered) shall not be eligible to participate further in the current and subsequent seasonal year. Players found to be under the age shall be suspended immediately from all SCSC play. The player found to be otherwise ineligible shall be suspended for an additional league game.

4.4 Any team/member of SCSC found to have forged a signature on a roster will be subject to suspension from SCSC.

4.5 Any team challenging another team for use of an unregistered player(s) must contact a board member within 72 hours of game time. The player and his/her team representative shall be notified of the challenge by the Registrar if the challenge is upheld.

Rule 5 – Team Eligibility

5.1 The registration committee of SCSC shall set dates and requirements annually for completion of team registration.

5.2 A team shall be eligible for membership with SCSC upon receipt by the registrar of the following items by the first game of the season:
A.      Completed team registration.
B.     Payment of outstanding team and/or player fines.
C.     Completed team roster, to include team representative.
D.     League Fee. E.     Any other material the Registration Committee deems necessary.

5.3 The team representative shall be responsible for complete and accurate team membership. Non-compliance shall result in all materials listed above being returned to that team representative and their team shall not be considered for membership until error are corrected and materials resubmitted and accepted by the Registrar.

5.4 Any team which withdraws its membership and/or is suspended by SCSC shall forfeit all fees paid.

5.5 A team that seriously damages the interests of SCSC through frequent dangerous or offensive actions at SCSC events shall be subject to severe fines and penalties, including the possibility of suspension or expulsion from SCSC at the discretion of the Executive Board. For the purposes of this rule, a team that registers in future years will

be treated as the same team that was suspended or expelled if seven or more persons from the old team are registered on the new team.

Rule 6 – Rule of Competition

All competitions shall be governed by the Rules as stated herein in all cases where they are applicable and where they are not in conflict by these Rules of Competition.

6.1 Rules of Play

It is the responsibility of the team reps to maintain equal and fair play according to age and skill level. Team reps are allowed make changes with their opponent at any time during the game. However, half time is preferable.

Exceptions to “Laws of the Game”

  1. Co-Ed teams shall consist of at least five women players on the field at all times.
  2. No slide tackling or playing the ball from the ground.
  3. Men are required to play 75% against women. 50/50 ball always goes to the woman first; allow the woman to collect ball, dribble or pass before challenging
  4. Only minimal contact is allowed by any player
  5. No player shall control the ball more than 15 yards unless on a break-away.
  6. Women have 1 st option on corner kicks or may defer to a male.
  7. Women will take all free kicks in the attacking half of the field.
  8. Women will take all drop balls.
  9. No player shall make intentional physical contact with the goalkeeper within the goal area, harass the goalkeeper, or attempt to play the ball once the goalkeeper has control of the ball in any manner and to any degree whatsoever. For infringement of this special rule, an indirect kick shall be awarded. NOTE: “Having control of the ball” is, if the goalkeeper holds the ball on the ground with one or both hands.
  10. No scores or standings will be kept within the league.

6.2 Players Equipment All players on the field must be attired in shirts of the same color. All players MUST wear shin guards and MUST wear socks over shin guards. All or any member(s) of any team are permitted to extra protective clothing, including gloves without dangerous, protruding or hard objects, against the cold provided:

A.    The proper team uniform is worn outermost.
B.    Team manager’s discretion may be used to determine if an item of protective clothing is considered to go beyond the purpose of providing a means of retaining body heat.

No player shall be allowed to play in any regularly scheduled game with an injury which constitutes a danger to others. No player wearing a cast or splint shall be permitted to play in any regularly scheduled game.

Protective orthopedic or prosthetic devices may be worn provided that:

A.      There is no protruding metal.
B.     Team representatives determine that the device does not pose a danger to either the player or others.

6.3 – Field of Play The following specifications are applicable to all games administered by SCSC: Recommended field dimensions 50 yards wide x 100 years long minimum

6.4 – Game Duration and Ball Size
A.      Game Duration: Two 45 minute halves.
B.     Ball size: #5, Circumference 27” –28”, weight 14-16 oz.

6.5 – Number of Players No team shall be allowed to have fewer than eleven registered players.

6.6 – Substitutions

A.     Prior to a throw-in.
B.     Prior to a goal kick, by either team.
C.     After a goal, by either team.
D.     After injury, by either team.
E.     At half-time. The number of the substituted shall be unlimited.

6.7 Officiating

There are no referees at this time. Officiating is regulated by Team representatives.

Rule 7 – Season of Play

The season of play for this Club shall begin September 1 and end August 31 the following year.

Rule 8 – Insurance

9.1 All players registered must be insured throughout SCSC before being allowed to participate in any SCSC activities.
9.2 SCSC is not liable for ANY injuries.


Kent Parks & Recreation Rules

Kent Parks & Recreation Rules

  1. Any group using various park facilities for outside day/evening purposes will be required to complete an application for use of facilities and to pay appropriate damage deposit and/or rental fees. All parks currently reserved will not be available for additional rentals.
  2. Unless otherwise stated on this application, any cancellation received less than twenty-one (21) days before said event will result in the forfeiture of rental fee and or deposit.
  3. The City of Kent requires that all facility renters obtain public liability insurance for their event. This insurance would protect you and your guests while using City property and is to indemnify against loss resulting form bodily injury and/or property damage. An insurance broker or agency can help you obtain the proper coverage. The certificate must name the City of Kent in the endorsement section of the certificate or name the City of Kent as an additionally insured party.
  4. In using City Park Facilities for any adult or youth community athletic program, as that term is defined in RCW 49.60.500, no group may discriminate in program participation on the basis of sex.
  5. All youth teams/groups shall submit a signed statement of compliance verifying all coaches, athletes and their parent/ guardian have complied with the mandated policies for the management of concussions and head injuries as prescribed by HB 1824-Z. Lystedt law.
  6. The City of Kent reserves the right to immediately terminate this agreement and the applicant agrees to immediately vacate the premises upon notification of termination for failure to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth herein.
  7. The City of Kent reserves the right to refuse rental of City facilities if the applicant has previously violated the rules and regulations set forth herein.
  8. All groups must leave the park/facility in satisfactory condition (clean and free of damage). All litter and garbage must be disposed of properly. Sponsored groups damaging City property will be held responsible for the cost of repair, replacement, or clean up.
  9. All groups must have prior approval from City of Kent Parks, Recreation and Community Services for any special equipment that may be used during their event. Kent Parks, Recreation and Community Services reserves the rights to decline use, limit use, require additional insurance and/or additional fees depending on type of activity planned.
  10. An additional fee will be charged for use of electrical power/water (if available). Electrical hook-up for amplification of music (of any kind) requires special permission from the Parks and Recreation Department.
  11. For activities requiring special services and/or supervision, a fee will be charged. Only facilities applied for may be used.
  12. Users, its members, guests and invitees shall not solicit or provide goods and/or services, on the premises (premises to include all of the Athletic Fields and parking lot areas), that may be construed by the Operator as competing with the existing goods and/or services provided by the Operator without the prior written permission of the Operator.
  13. The City of Kent reserves the right to require police supervision for any event booked. Security requirements must be met and confirmed prior to your event date. Cost of police supervision will be charged to renter.
  14. Smoking or the use of any kind of tobacco shall be prohibited on or near all City of Kent athletic fields while youth games or practices are in session.
  15. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on City of Kent park grounds is prohibited.
  16. The City of Kent Parks, Recreation and Community Services Maintenance Staff will complete all field maintenance. Rental groups will not be allowed to do any field maintenance.
  17. There is no storage available. A fee will be assessed for any items stored on the property before or after your event. The City of Kent is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  18. Parking may be shared by other events during your rental period.
  19. All vehicles improperly parked at recreation complexes are subject to tow away at owner’s expense.
  20. Overnight parking or camping is prohibited.
  21. Please follow the advice of local and state Police Departments regarding vehicle theft prevention. Don’t make it easy for car theft prowlers. Please remember to conceal your valuables, (wallets, purses, handbags, cameras, etc…) out of view or leave them at home.
  22. City of Kent is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to vehicles.
  23. Additional rules and regulations may be required for a specific athletic facility.
  24. All other rules and regulations as stated in the City of Kent Ordinance #1569 “Rules and Regulations for the Operation of Park Properties” adopted by the Kent City Council must be obeyed by all users.


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