Meeting Minutes

Soos Creek Soccer Club
January 2019

Soos Creek Soccer Club


Date: 1.13.2019

Time: 1510

Facilitator: Dawn Gannaw

In Attendance

President: Bill Skinner

Vice President: Dawn Gannaw

Treasurer: Judy Simone

Secretary: Melanie Goodman

League Members: Rico and Jerry

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were read from the August 25, 2018 meeting and approved.


No New Board business


8/25/2018:  $3650 still owed for the field use

1/13/2019:  Paid for January 15th and February 1st Total of $997.50

Still owe $1445.20 for insurance (summer time)

Purchase of Armbands for game reps was approved

President’s Report


New Business

  • Recap of last meeting topics
    • Rules
      • Need to put together a Manager and Game Rep duties
    • Halftime
      • 10 minutes
    • Start time
      • Need 7 players to start and Game Reps to be picked. Game Reps to
    • Distribution of skilled players
      • New players to filter in through the website to Bill.  Bill will survey teams to ask which teams need players.
  • Schedule
    • Jan 11 – March 8
    • March 15 – June 7
    • June 14 – September 6th
    • September 13 – December 13
    • Byes on Memorial/Labor Day
    • Pickup July 5th
  • Website Review
    • Update How we play section
    • Look into adding Paypal to website – Judy will setup the Paypal account, Melanie will add it to the website
    • Add a section for new and returning players
    • Team Rep changed to Game Rep
    • Rules on website: update break time
    • Add budget information to site – Judy will get this information to Melanie
  • Input from players
    • Concerns about teams
    • Skilled player distribution
    • Possibility of forming another team
    • Commitment from female players
    • Recruitment


Start directing players to the website

Game Reps will be wearing Armbands

Next Meeting


Meeting adjourned 1700

September 2018 Minutes

Soos Creek Soccer Club Minutes

Date: 09/25/2018
Time: 1840
Facilitator: William Skinner

In Attendance

President: William Skinner (Bill)
Vice President: Dawn Gannaw
Treasurer: Judy Simone
Secretary: Melanie Goodman

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were read from the February 11, 2018 meeting and approved.


Melanie Goodman was nominated as the new secretary. A motion to elect Melanie Goodman was made by Dawn Gannaw and seconded by Judy Simone. All present voted in favor, Melanie Goodman was confirmed as the new Secretary.


Judy Simone reports SCSC still owes $3650 for the field. SCSC is current with the fees. In tonight’s meeting, Judy Simone made a motion to approve William Skinner as Co-signer on the SCSC Account which was seconded by Dawn Gannaw. All present voted in favor of adding William Skinner to the account as a co-signer.

President’s Report


New Business

  • Review of Rules
    • What to include in packet to be given to player
    • Rules 6 – 8 will be given to player, full rules posted on website
    • Re-iterate shin guards are a must, if players don’t have them, they don’t play
    • Managers to have extra shin guards, Bill will send email to team manager reminding them
    • Manger to have the packets at games
    • Age limit in rues 4.2 changed to 18
    • Team reps to discuss among themselves the divvying up of players who are younger with skills
  • Website to be updated with new board information and team reps and Co team reps
    • White: Judy and Bob
    • Gold: **Bill to make contact with this team**
    • Black:
    • Rave Green: Duane and Melanie
    • Red: Bill and Jeff
  • Winter to be played as pickup games
    • Judy will find out how much to collect for games
  • Game start/end time and half time
    • Proposed to have games start at 7:10 to provide team reps to meet
    • Games to run from 7:10 – 8:45 with a 10-minute half time
    • Judy will find out if there is an extra cost to have us on the field until 8:45
  • Team Cowboy
    • What to do with people who don’t RSVP
      • Have people who RSVP play, those who don’t RSVP but show up to play will be subs
      • Is there a way to link mangers and team reps to team cowboy to see how many players RSVP’d and how many subs



Next Meeting

Meeting adjourned at 1930

Febuary 2018 Minutes

DATE: February 11, 2018
TIME: 6:00 pm
LOCATION: JP’S Taproom and Grill

Board Members: President: Mark Rowe, Treasurer: Bonnie Lew Scheduler: Duane Nakamura
League Members: Tanette, Ruth, Jeff, Gerry, Colette, Dawn, Judy, Bill
Agenda: Discussion of Rule Changes and New Board Members
Linda Rimmer no longer interested in being on the board
Mark Rowe stated he would like to remain on the board however will step down from being Soos Creek Soccer President
Bonnie Lew will discontinue her treasurer responsibilities – will not remain on the board at this time – Judy is interested in this position
Duane Nakamura will continue managing league schedule

Attendee Remarks

Consensus to reach out to all players giving them a chance to volunteer to serve on the board

  • Dawn will send out email to all players with board member responsibilities once attendees review this email and give feedback to narrow down or add items I may have missed

Topics discussed to keep league alive and strong, however the final rules will be decided amongst the new board members:

  • Colette mentioned she would like to research other leagues to see how they manage and recruit.
  • Open up the age bracket, do we want to just open it up to 18 and over or possibly 1-3 young players per team, with this there needs to be even teams with a few younger on all teams.

Board members responsibilities:

  •  1st and foremost- abide by the current “Soos Creek rules”. “role model of what the league is all about.”
  • Revise the league rules
  • Re-visit the Mission Statement
  • All new players and players who haven’t signed the contract we will need a copy of DL and signature on contracts/waiver – this will stay with a selected board member
  • Manage website and email
  • Get flyers out and the word about league
  • Manage schedule if Duane wants to discontinue this at some point
  • Attend pick-up games – discussion of 1 board member assigned to a game each pick-up season
  • Communicates well with team reps, board members and players via email, phone, text etc.


Bill Skinner was voted in as new Soos Creek President; Dawn Gannaw was voted in as new Vice President; Judy Simone was voted in as new Treasurer; Duane will continue as scheduler. A new secretary will be voted in a later date.

Judy Simone will open a new bank account at Umpqua Bank in Federal Way, WA. Ms. Simone will be the main account holder. A co-signor will be nominated and voted in at next board meeting.

Other Members at Large will be determined at a later date.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Meeting minutes submitted Secretary/Treasurer Judy Simone.

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