How We Play

Soos Creek Soccer

Soos Creek Soccer is focused on having fun, building camaraderie, fitness, personal improvement and the love of soccer. Whether you are just starting out or wanting to jump back in after several years, we want this to be a comfortable starting place.

  • Soos Creek is a NON-Contact League
  • Men are required to play at 75% when playing against a woman
  • When there is a 50/50 ball (men against women) men will allow the women to have the first touch on the ball
  • No player shall control the ball for more than 15 yards unless on a break away
  • No more than 6 men per team per game
  • Shin guards are required, socks must be work over the shin guards
  • We no longer play the game with referees; therefore everyone is expected to use the honor system for policing ourselves. It is essential for all players to enter the game with the attitude that is a recreational activity.
  • Game reps(players with the armbands) are expected to carry a whistle but only if the play does not stop at the time of a foul or someone has committed a dangerous play.  Game reps should stop the game for players who can’t seem to get along. In this case, players should move themselves to other positions, or sub out. If the problem continues, they should speak to their game rep. At that time, the game rep should talk to the other team’s game rep if possible or talk to them at half time.
  • Goalkeepers are the only players who are permitted to slide, dive or leave their feet (WHILE IN THE BOX) at any time during the game. Goalkeepers must also be very vocal while pursuing a ball to alert other players of their location. Other players should back off a 50-50 ball when the keeper is involved. We need to try to protect our keepers and the keepers need to protect all players by being very vocal.
  • The amount of contact between any players should be at a minimum. If you run hard enough into a person to knock them off the ball, it is a foul. Any kick taken with excessive force in the direction of a player (especially a woman) is not allowed.
  • Look at Soos Creek Soccer as a learning league as well as a social and good sportsmanship environment. This is a ZERO TOLERANCE League. If you or your team is looking for a competitive league, then you need to find another. We would also like to remind everyone that Soos Creek Soccer is a private league. Therefore, if you continue to play in a manner that is not approving of the rules, you will be asked to leave. (NO refunds). You will not be allowed to return without board approval.
  • Soos Creek Soccer does not keep score or standings. Everyone should be involved in the game. If you are a more skilled players going against a less skilled player, give them the chance to play the ball. We are not asking that you let them carry the ball 20 yards and score, at the very least, allow them to collect the ball take a few touches and get experience. Involving less experienced players throughout the game allows them to improve their ability, gain confidence, and most importantly, return season after season.

Please read our official rules as well.

Questions or suggestions to keep the league non competitive and engaging for everyone?