How We Play

Soos Creek Soccer

Soos Creek Soccer Club

Where the passion for soccer unites members in a cooperative, fun and friendly playing experience.

Soos Creek Soccer Club is a co-ed over 18 age soccer club which embraces diverse players of all skill levels in an environment of friendly competition.  We are a collection of teams with the overall goal of being a single cooperative club committed to achieving a balanced and fun playing experience for all.  Whether your goals are developing skills, achieving fitness, building camaraderie or making new friends, Soos Creek Soccer Club is the place for you.

Philosophy of Play and Special Rules

  • Look at Soos Creek Soccer as a learning league as well as a social and good sportsmanship environment. Our emphasis is on fun and cooperation rather than competition. Soos Creek Soccer does not keep scores or standings. If you or your team is looking for a competitive league, then you need to find another.
  • Soos Creek Soccer should be considered a non- contact league and any amount of contact between any players should be at a minimum.  If you run hard enough into a person to knock them off the ball, it is a foul. Kicks with excessive force directed towards another player should be avoided.
  • Everyone should be involved in the game. If you are a more skilled player going against a player who is still learning, give them the chance to play the ball. We are not asking that you let them carry the ball 20 yards and score; however, at the very least, allow them to collect the ball take a few touches and get experience. 
  • We should try to encourage learning players to get as many touches on the ball as possible. Involving less experienced players throughout the game allows them to improve their ability, gain confidence, and most importantly, return season after season. 
  • No slide tackling or playing ball from the ground
  • Heading the ball is permitted but special considerations must be made to avoid head injuries with others. One should not leave their feet to head the ball if another person is close by where head collision could occur. In these situations, please defer to the person with best position and back off. Diving headers are not allowed.   
  • No player shall dribble the ball for more than 15 yards except for on a break-away. Emphasis should be on passing and distributing ball in order to involve all players.
  • Shin guards are required with socks worn over shin guards
  • Every week can be quite variable in who shows up for games. If needed, an attempt will be made at beginning of games to balance teams in respect to men and women as well as skill levels. In the spirit of our club, some team members may be asked by their team representatives to play on the other team to assist in this balancing. Priorities will be to play 11 vs 11 with similar numbers of women on each team. Rebalancing can be also addressed at halftime by team reps

Female specific rules

Although we are living in an age of progressive sexual equality, our club does want to give special recognition to our female players and grant some special considerations and courtesies. To our more aggressive and skilled female players, we are not trying to hold you back, but we do want to create a comfortable playing environment for all.

  • In general men should show special courtesy, respect and care when playing against women
  • Men are required to play at 75% when playing against a woman unless a specific woman states that she wants to waive this rule.
  • When there is a 50/50 ball (men against women), men will allow the women to have the first touch on the ball.
  • Women will take corner kicks and all free kicks in attacking half of field, unless all of the females decline the opportunity.

Goalkeeper Rules

No player shall make intentional physical contact with the goalkeeper within the goal area, harass the goalkeeper or attempt to play the ball once the goalkeeper has control of the ball in any manner and to any degree whatsoever. This includes if the ball is trapped between the ground and another body part.  Players should back off from 50/50 balls with keepers. Keepers should be very vocal when coming out for balls to alert other players of their presence. Goalies within the goal area are the only players who can leave their feet, slide or dive when playing the ball.

Special Refereeing Considerations

Soos Creek Soccer Club has no referees and therefore everyone is expected to use the honor system for policing ourselves.  Anyone can make a call if it is felt a foul has occurred.  Obviously, disagreements may occur in these situations, and it is expected that members will resolve their differences with grace and respect.  Please keep in mind that the goal is not to be always correct, but to maintain a fair and safe environment with a spirit of caring and understanding. Players should feel comfortable speaking to each other about concerns, but if they do not, they can bring issues up with their team representative and get them involved. Before arguing, consider if it is worth the energy in a noncompetitive league where scores are not recorded. Most times it is better just to keep the game moving and to get along.

For serious or persistent violations or in the case of players who can’t seem to get along, the team representatives on each team should be involved in resolving the issue. This will result in stopping of the game, discussion and then remediation. This may include recommendations, warnings, moving players to other positions, subbing out or even expulsion. The team representative’s decisions will be respected and will be final. Assaultive or violent behavior may result in expulsion from the club without refunds after a board review.

Questions or suggestions to keep the league non competitive and engaging for everyone?