Week Date 6:00 Wilson 1 6:00 Wilson 1 7:30 Wilson 1 7:30 Wilson 1 7:30 Wilson 2 7:30 Wilson 2 BYE
1 6-Mar Red Green Black Lt. Blue Orange Blue Gold
2 13-Mar Green Orange Blue Black Lt. Blue Gold Red
3 20-Mar Black Green Red Orange Gold Blue Lt. Blue
4 27-Mar Red Black Blue Lt. Blue Green Gold Orange
5 3-Apr Green Lt. Blue Red Gold Orange Black Blue
6 10-Apr Lt. Blue Gold Green Orange Blue Black Red
7 17-Apr Blue Red Gold Black Lt. Blue Orange Green
8 24-Apr Orange Blue Black Lt. Blue Red Green Gold
9 1-May Gold Orange Blue Green Lt. Blue Red Black
10 8-May Blue Lt. Blue Green Gold Red Black Orange
11 15-May Gold Blue Red Orange Black Green Lt. Blue
12 22-May         7:00 PICK UP  7:00 PICK UP  
13 29-May Black Orange Gold Red Lt. Blue Green Blue

Home team (first team) will provide game ball and change shirts for color conflict.

1)Soos Creek Soccer Club is a Non-Contact League!
2) This is a recreational, non-competitive league; no standings are kept. In the spirit of the game, teams should not run up the scores.
3) Men are required to play at 75% when playing against a woman. When there is a 50/50 ball (men against women), men will allow the women to have first touch on the ball.
4) Slide tackling is not allowed at anytime by any player!
5) No player shall control the ball more than 15 yards unless on a break-away.
6) No more than six men shall be allowed per team per game.
7) Shin guards are required. Socks must be worn over the shin guards.
8) Captains will introduce themselves before the game.  At half time & at the conclusion, captains will meet to discuss any issues. Re-occurring concerns need to be brought to the attention of the board. 
9) Players must be at least 30 years old, be a signed member of SCSC, and have on file with SCSC a photo ID (WA Driver's Lic).
10) SCSC members are expected to manage their own behavior consistent with the non-competitive, no contact, recreational nature of this club. The SCSC Board has the right to refuse or revoke any registration or membership.